Current Work

Device Evaluation and Selection:

TDICT is currently collaborating with the American Nurses Association on a series of workshops providing healthcare workers with the skills to be product evaluators for their institutions. A draft of TDICT's Evaluation, Selection, and Institutionalization of Safer Medical Devices can be downloaded here. This file can be viewed using Microsoft Powerpoint.


Work in the dental area has shown that one of the greatest obstacles in designing engineering controls to prevent exposure to blood and body fluids is the lack of device and procedure specific information gathered at the time of injury. Therefore, efforts in this area have focused on the development and pilot testing of an exposure incident reporting template. Download a copy of exposure incident reporting template. This file can be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat version 3.0 or higher. Download a free copy of acrobat reader.

Task Analysis:

Task Analysis is a systematic method for evaluating and analyzing work procedures as they are performed in the comprehensive work environment context. Task Analysis for safer devices is a clinically-based assessment that should be done by frontline healthcare workers.


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